DESIGN SERVICESSingle Phase - 3 Phase - DC - Synchronous Motors
Redesign      Performance Design    New Manufacture
Cad Drawings       Enclosure Modifications      Critical Speed Calculations
Lamination    Rotor / Stator Design          Material Change
Low Voltage  Medium and High Voltage   Random to Form Wound
Design C, D, Spl   High Inertia  High Speed VFD
above 4000 rpm
Transformer and/or Switchgear design specific to the application.
MOTORS:New & Re-Manufactured    Low, Medium and High Voltage
AC Induction Direct Current            Coal Pulverizer
AC Synchronous  Verticle Mount    Chipper Duty
AC Wound Rotor  Fan Duty-High Inertia  Banberry Duty
NEMA Design D   Crane Duty Ball Mill Duty
Explosion Proof    MSHA Mine ApprovedVFD High Speed
TRANSFORMERS:Single and Three Phase   New and Re-Manufactured  
Standard and Custom
SWITCHGEAR:     Quick Delivery    Project Consulting with Material Handling